Learning Management System – WA

The Dial Before You Dig WA team have developed a user friendly and convenient online Learning Management System (LMS) for anyone working near infrastructure networks and assets. The training is for organisations that work around, or otherwise have an interest in, services and infrastructure, such as power, water, gas and telecommunications. It is essential that people working near these infrastructure networks and assets are aware of how to work safely around them without causing damage or harm to themselves, the networks, the environment and the community.

Damage to infrastructure networks and assets can have serious and expensive consequences – for people who cause the damage, as well as to businesses, the community and others.

The purpose of this online training is to raise awareness and encourage positive planning and work behaviours among workers. Many people working near infrastructure networks and assets are often not sufficiently aware of
either the risks or their responsibilities. Some of the features of the online Learning Management System include:

  • Six (6) interactive modules focused around the 5Ps and one focused on learning how to use the Dial Before You Dig enquiry system;
  • Web-based system that enables Users to access the system from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection;
  • In total it is a 2.5 to 3 hour online management learning system;
  • Each interactive module takes 20-30 minutes to complete and is followed by a short 6-8 question quiz;
  • The modules can be completed at once or in part or progressively at the User’s discretion;
  • At the completion of the 5Ps modules, a pass mark of 80% (across all 6 tests) is required to pass and a certificate is then provided;
  • It has initially been developed with the 5Ps module focus and the intent is to continue to build additional modules including some Member Plan Reading modules;
  • It is User based and Dial Before You Dig WA can generate UserNames and Passwords for Users;
  • As new modules are added to the system, Dial Before You Dig WA will advise existing and potential Users of the additional courses available.

For more information about the Learning Management System including how to register and access the system, please send an email to the WA team at wa@1100.com.au.