Doug the Wombat – WA

Introducing Doug the Wombat – New Awareness Videos

Dial Before You Dig WA in collaboration with CAPE, ATCO, Water Corporation, Western Power and KD.1 Pty Ltd are pleased to be launching a series of videos around the importance of working with above and underground assets.

Lodging a Dial Before You Dig enquiry can minimise the risk of damaging asset owner’s infrastructure and these novel and fun videos explain the fundamentals required in protecting Australia’s assets.

Watch Doug the Wombat and his friends explain the importance of locating infrastructure assets before commencing any project big or small.


Video 1 – Lodging a Free Dial Before You Dig Enquiry

Lodge a free Dial Before You Dig enquiry anytime online before commencing any project big or small.


Video 2 – The 5Ps of Safe Site Practices

The 5Ps of safe site practices are Plan, Prepare, Pothole, Protect and Proceed. Following the 5Ps of safe excavation can help you and your team work safely around infrastructure assets.


Video 3 – How to Prepare Safely Before Excavating

Prepare involves reviewing the utility plans and contacting the utility if you need assistance. Look for onsite asset and infrastructure clues such as pit lids, marker posts and meters. Engage a DBYD Certified Locator which includes undertaking electronic location prior to potholing.


Video 4 – The Importance of Potholing

Doug the Wombat and his friends explain the importance of Potholing and is the third P on the list of the must do 5Ps of safe excavation. Potholing is digging a hole to physically expose a buried asset to prove its position. It can be done by careful hand digging or using nondestructive methods such as hydro vacuum extraction and water jetting.


Video 5 – Protect the Infrastructure Once Exposed

Protect is the 4th P of safe excavation. If potholing has occurred, protect the infrastructure by using various methods; such as communicating to all working on site, erecting barriers and / or marking the location of the exposed infrastructure.


Video 6 – Before you Dig Remember there are Service Lines to be Found

Infrastructure assets can be located anywhere, know where they are before breaking ground.