AWARE Toolkit – WA

Welcome to the Dial Before You Dig WA AWARE Toolkit.

This 10 part powerpoint presentation Toolkit is for use by organisations that work around, or otherwise have an interest in, infrastructure networks and assets, such as power, water, gas and telecommunications.

The purpose of this Toolkit is to raise awareness, and encourage positive planning and work behaviours.

Being modular, the Toolkit can be delivered over several sessions, such as at periodic toolbox meetings. The Toolkit is designed for general awareness raising and motivation, and is not intended to be a comprehensive training package.

Further information may be sought from DBYD WA, asset owners, training courses, codes of practice, legislation, regulatory authorities, etc.


Points of note:

  • Once each module is downloaded, you will need to extract the presentation and any associated information from the zip file
  • Only one module / presentation can be run at a time on an individual device
  • Once completing a module / presentation, PowerPoint will need to be closed before opening another module / presentation


    Download Modules

    Part 1 - About You

    Please choose the files you want to download from the list below:

    • Module 1 - Information for presenters
    • Module 2 - Dial Before You Dig
    • Module 3 - Western Power
    • Module 4 - Horizon Power
    • Module 5 - ATCO Gas Australia
    • Module 6 - Dampier Bunbury Pipeline Group
    • Module 7- Water Corporation
    • Module 8 - City of Swan
    • Module 9 - Telstra
    • Module 10 - Amcom / Vocus
    • Module 11 - NBN Co
    • Module 12 - APA Group

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      Please complete at least PART 1 and PART 2. Complete PART 3 if you wish to provide feedback on individual modules.

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      Part 1 - About You

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      All Modules1. Introduction2. Dial Before You Dig3. Western Power4. Horizon Power5. ATCO Gas Australia6. Dampier Bunbury NGP7. Water Corporation8. City of Swan9. Telstra10. Amcom11. NBN Co12. APA Group
      Part 2 - What do you think of the Package overall?
      Part 3 - Individual Modules

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