February 23, 2021
Referral Specification – Member Focus

Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) is pleased to confirm that the software design for the next generation referral service continues to be on budget and remains on schedule to go-live on July 1st, 2021.

An intensive six months of software configuration and development will conclude in mid-March with the completion of user acceptance testing. The enhanced referral service and all aspects are progressing extremely well. We would like to thank the stakeholder panels representing a cross section of DBYD Members and enquirers who have made critical input into the design process. The important process of transferring and confirming DBYD Member contact details is occurring at the moment in preparation for onboarding training webinars to be provided to Members to ensure a smooth transition prior to the go live date in July. Communications will also be delivered to users in the coming months to assist with the changeover to the new digital platform. All users (making enquiries) will be required to re-register with the new system to ensure accuracy of data. This will be a short process that is easy to navigate and will only be required once.

Esri Australia delivered a successful Referral Specification webinar on 2nd February 2021. This webinar was to detail the changes to the existing referral service when the next generation service goes live. More than 200 Members logged in to the webinar which highlighted the following:

  • Activity Description – the enquirer will be able to select more than one activity when lodging an enquiry.
  • New Activity Description – Non-destructive digging will be added as an option.
  • Enquiry Date – will be in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).
  • Map Type and Map Reference – these will be removed, and street atlas grid references will no longer be provided.
  • Job Number and Sequence Number – the new values will be restarted at a higher point to ensure there is no overlap with the current system.
  • Authority Name – will be populated with a user-entered value when the Other Authority Type is selected.
  • Mobile and Fax Number Fields – will be removed from the enquirer’s details. The user will be required to enter their best contact number, either a mobile or landline number.
  • Customer ID – all enquirers will be issued with a new customer identification number.
  • GML attachments will be able to be sent in GDA2020 projections.
  • Email Address – the return address will be to SmarterWXSentinel.

The Referral Specification webinar generated considerable interest with many registrants staying on for the question-and-answer session at the end. These questions have now been compiled by Esri Australia and can be found on the Next Gen DBYD website, click here for more details.

Preliminary user acceptance testing has also commenced with the formal acceptance scheduled for mid-March. By mid to late April Members will be encouraged to update their Areas of Interests (AOI) prior to 30th June 2021. Members will be required to validate the migrated information and encouraged to use the testing sandbox feature that will be made available to them to run tests with their response automation solutions. Assistance will be provided for anyone who needs it.

The next few months will be busy as key developments are underway. On the 1st of May 2021, the formal onboarding of Dial Before You Dig Members will commence, an important aspect of the transition process. If you are feeling overwhelmed or have any questions about the new digital platform, you can leave your feedback at here and a team member will be in contact.

To stay updated with the latest developments on the Referral Service of the Future visit the next gen website.