November 19, 2020
Nextgen Dial Before You Dig Benefits to Members

The launch of the Nextgen Dial Before You Dig referral service in July 2021 is just the beginning. The digital platform will enable the delivery of additional services to benefit both our Members and Dial Before You Dig users and these will be rolled out over time with the ultimate vision to create a damage prevention community.

We are building on an essential and world-class service to create one that is more accurate, provides more timely information with a range of reporting functions to analyse information all built into a more intuitive and easy to use digital platform that will prevent injury and damage.

When the new digital platform is launched in 2021, all existing support services and processes will remain intact but Dial Before You Dig Members will have access to the advanced features via cloud computing when they are ready. This means, from July 2021 Dial Before You Dig’s next generation core referral service will have a host of new features for both excavators and our Members, all designed to save time, increase accuracy and allow increased exchange between asset owners and workers. The key driver of all of these features is our vision of achieving zero damage to your underground assets, and zero harm to workers and the community.

Click the video to view how Nextgen Dial Before You Dig will benefit Dial Before You Dig Members.