June 9, 2021
New DBYD Apps (iOS and Android) Coming July 1

DBYD NextGen will go live on July 1 and another exciting benefit of the new digital platform is the roll out of the Next Generation iOS and Android apps. The apps will have a stack of new features and functionality for both Members and Users.

New Member features include:

  • Respond to all DBYD user enquiries via email or phone.
  • GDA2020 added as a standard spatial reference system – so you will now have the option to receive referrals in the most up-to-date format.
  • Update your area of interest directly within the web application – without the need to request a change.

New User features include:

  • Select multiple activity types – which will come through to you in one simple list.
  • Seamless integration with the Next Gen DBYD platform.
  • Estimated wait times provided for asset owner responses.
  • Compatible with the latest Apple and Android devices.
  • Automated response tracking – making it easier for users to keep up to date with responses to DBYD enquiries.

The new apps will be available for download on July 1 and the old apps will be removed from the Apple and Google play store.