PelicanCorp Damage Prevention Solution

PelicanCorp is a leading provider of cloud-based applications for utilities, asset owners, contractors and to the One Call industry specifically for the protection of essential infrastructure.

PelicanCorp is an approved service partner that has worked with Dial Before You Dig for more than 20 years to provide the Dial Before You Dig service to the industry.

OneCallAccess API, PermitAccess and PlanAccess are enhancers to the Dial Before You Dig service that bring efficiencies for users and Members alike.

Dial Before You Dig is pleased to present the following solutions designed to enhance the use of the Dial Before You Dig One Call service.


OneCallAccess API

The automation provided by the API is controlled by you and the system that you integrate with for submitting jobs, resulting in significant savings of both time and resources.

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For Excavation permit applications PermitAccess combines and automates the processes of submitting a Dial Before You Dig enquiry and applying for a Permit when the intended work site is in the road corridor. When requiring a Non-Excavation permit CorridorAccess provides an automated application and approval process consistent amongst Permit Authorities.

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PlanAccess is an online portal providing a single interface for Dial Before You Dig response management. Eliminate email responses filling your inbox, track the status of the responses and receive alerts when Job Packs are complete. Download Job Packs individually or in groups to easily share amongst your workforce.

PlanAccess receives and stores the asset location responses from asset owners instead of being directly emailed to the requestor. PlanAccess automatically collates the responses into a Job Pack; a collection of all responses for a single Dial Before You Dig enquiry. There is no longer a need to track responses against enquiry confirmation sheets.

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Who is PelicanCorp
PelicanCorp is a Global provider of One Call outsourcing solutions including contact Centre operations, one call ticket systems, mobility solutions, Ticket Management and Member services.
Our team has extensive experience working with Utilities, Before You Dig, One Call services and Local Authorities in helping provide efficient end to end software solutions to increase awareness, improve information exchange and to re-engineer processes delivering day to day benefits to the industry as a whole.
Working in the industry for more than 40 years, PelicanCorp is the leader in the global Damage Prevention Industry and is the only service provider managing One Call operations achieving over 90% e-ticket usage.
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