Infrastructure Damage Reporting

Dial Before You Dig has developed a data collection and reporting tool, the Infrastructure Damage Reporting System (IDRS). Designed to build a comprehensive picture in relation to damage incidents associated with excavation activities nationally.

The IDRS is populated by Dial Before You Dig Asset Owning Members, providing accurate and comprehensive data for reporting information about damages that occur to their assets.

The IDRS is easy to use and the analysed results are presented in a comprehensive, customisable, on demand report generating system for Dial Before You Dig Members to better understand where, how and why these damages are occurring.

The IDRS is setup to ensure Members’ data are kept confidential in an Australian hosted secure server. Allowing Members to have access to view their respective data securely and have the ability to compare it against the national trend.

What can be generated from the IDRS analysis are preventive measures for the reduction of damages to a Members’ registered asset:

  • increasing location requests by local contractors and further investigation of the consistency of notifications among callers;
  • improving mark-outs among locating professionals through best practices education and training;
  • improving safe site practices;
  • awareness sessions, education and training targeted to specific groups.

Dial Before You Dig are please to present printable version of the IDRS brochures to be used to explain what the IDRS is and the many benefits of the system.

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What is the IDRS?                                                                               

IDRS – Benefits

IDRS – Ease of Use

IDRS – Security

Getting Started –Dial Before You Dig encourages all Asset Owning Members to participate in this Australian ground breaking initiative.

IDRS – Case Studies

Ergon Energy (now combined with Energex to become Energy Queensland) and SA Water secured the opportunity to introduce the IDRS into their organisations using the data to focus on safety awareness strategies, preventative measures and real time reporting.

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Ergon Energy

SA Water

The full article relating to Ergon Energy and SA Water reaping the benefits of the IDRS, the opportunities to deliver new customer focus driven strategies, improved asset information and reduced operational risks can be found in the August 2018 edition of the Utility Magazine, click here to read their stories.


For more information contact Graeme Allan, Projects and Operations Manager.