April 21, 2020
Complexities of Buried Utilities Beneath our Feet

Never underestimate the complexities of buried utilities beneath our feet. There is a vast network of buried infrastructure assets underground consisting of gas, water, electricity, sewerage, and telecommunications. This underground world of infrastructure assets is becoming increasingly congested making the likelihood of asset strikes higher.

The damage to underground assets is still far too common and those responsible for the damage may be held to account to the asset owner for the repairs and costs incurred. Damaging infrastructure networks can also have dangerous outcomes including injury and in extreme cases death.

The risk of asset strikes and disrupting essential services to the community necessitates the importance of protecting Australia’s buried infrastructure networks and the need to lodge a free Dial Before You Dig enquiry. Registered asset owners will provide information usually in the form of plans about the presence, approximate location, and instructions about working around their registered infrastructure asset. It is important to note that the plans DO NOT pinpoint the exact location of the infrastructure asset, they are indicative only. Therefore, Duty of Care must be exercised when working around any infrastructure assets.

If the plans or information is unclear it is advised to contact the asset owner directly using the contact numbers provided on the Enquiry Confirmation Sheet which you will receive after lodging your Dial Before You Dig enquiry and / or engage the services of a Certified Locator.

Infrastructure assets provide ongoing essential services to the community and in the current climate with people working from home and students learning online, continuation of these services is crucial.

Minimise the risk to damaging assets and lodge a free Dial Before You Dig enquiry, it is the Essential First Step.