Our Organisation

In 1984, there was a major incident in Bibra Lake, Western Australia where a bulldozer punctured a high-pressure gas pipeline.  This caused significant damage to the bulldozer, ripper, rail tracks, high tension electric towers, the gas pipeline and other infrastructures nearby.  Fortunately, the bulldozer operator survived without injury.


It was a result of this incident that Dial Before You Dig WA Foundation Members (Telstra, SECWA (now ATCO Gas Australia and Western Power) and Water Corporation) created what was then known as the Perth One Call System.

Perth One Call became operational on the 16th February 1987 and by the 1990’s, all States and Territories began operation to what is now a National organisation known as Dial Before You Dig.

In 1999, the Association of Australian Dial Before You Dig Services Ltd (AADBYDS) was formed to provide a consistent national approach to the provision of the Dial Before You Dig service.

Dial Before You Dig is a National Not-For-Profit group of State Entities consisting of Member organisations from Australia’s infrastructure asset owners and non-asset owners.

Each State Entities is managed by State Managers and governed by a Board of Directors made up of representatives from the various infrastructure asset members.

Dial Before You Dig’s corporate governance framework plays a key role in supporting business operations. It provides clear guidance on how authority is exercised within the group.

As a fundamental element of our Core Vision, Purpose and Values, Dial Before You Dig’s corporate governance framework provides guidance for effective decision making in all areas through:

  • Strategic, marketing and operational planning
  • Risk management and compliance
  • Financial management and external reporting

To read the Association of Australian Dial Before You Dig Services’ financial report for year ending 30th June 2020, click here.

State based Annual Reports are available by contacting the individual State Manager.