Our Core

Our Core Vision

  • To reduce damage to our Members’ infrastructure assets and resulting loss and harm to the community.

Our Core Mission

  • To provide and promote one central point for the community to seek information about our Members’ infrastructure assets.
  • To provide industry services and create community awareness to assist our Members to reduce damage to their registered assets and in this way contribute to the safety of the Australian community.
  • To be the lead organisation that represents the industry with government, community and other stakeholders to work towards reduction of utility and other asset damages, thereby contributing to community safety.

Our Core Values

  • To achieve our vision and mission with integrity of intention and action, honesty in our communication, flexibility in execution, embracing change and fostering innovation to enable us to be among world’s best in our field.
  • To always conduct our business in a way that best maximises value to our Members and to constantly strive for better efficiency in how we achieve that.
  • Preserve and protect our good reputation and ensure nothing we do reflects badly on Dial Before You Dig or our Members.
  • To innovate and provide thought leadership in the field of infrastructure asset protection, damage prevention and reduction.