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Dial Before You Dig is aware of some isolated cases where Users lodging an enquiry are unable to search for job locations when using the full street address (ie. 11 Lammond St, Melville WA).

We are currently seeking to resolve this.

If you are experiencing difficulties, please search for your job locations by street name only (ie. Lammond St, Melville WA).

For additional support, please contact our Support Team on 1100.


The Essential First Step.

Dial Before You Dig is a referral service for information on locating underground utilities anywhere in Australia. Excavators, Electricians, Plumbers, Planners, Developers, Farmers, Land Surveyors, Builders Contractors, Home Owners and Landscapers all over the country are taking advantage of our convenient referral service.

No matter the size of your project you should always use Dial Before You Dig. You could be landscaping in your front yard or constructing a multi lane highway. Just tell us when and where you plan to dig, we pass that information on to the underground utility owners and they will respond directly to you with cable and pipe location information, generally within two business days.

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